Scars Left Behind

Written by: Therese Bacha

           ~A Poem That Took A Week Or More To Write~
                           Scars Left Behind.

Scarred since birth born with a congenital deforming cleft lip
abandoned unacceptable by nobody I don't belong to your 
universe I don't belong to be a guest in your domiciles as I am 
avoided I don't belong to share a sunrise as I am blindfolded 
I don't belong to your beauty parlor as I look repugnant 
I don't belong to participate to a party as I am nameless 
I don't belong to be present at a birth of a new born banned
to come closer to the mother.
                                     Scars at birth.
My solitude drove me to flee towards one site the lighthouse 
stand alone far away far maybe my voice might be heard 
begging to be saved from the sufferings on this earth as my 
anguish has no end.

My soul will only triumph while waiting for the sun of love 
the moon of light the stars that shine I will wait,wait to pick 
up the echo of the passing vessels listen to the whisper of 
the winds getting windier watch the dark waters drifting off 
flowing away blown back towards the shore a farewell leaving 
me alone. 
                                     Scars till I die                                                                   
Who shall I belong to? I have no friends its so obscure outside 
there is so much stillness around me afraid alone aware of my
shadows disappearance I called for anybody`s support to facilitate 
my survival alleviate my pain nobody came I need to rest and allow 
my soul to escape who will? who can? who wants to rescue me? 
I am tired I was left behind scarred without a mother or father 
nor brother or sister I tried but could not save myself.
My soul drifting as I could not belong to someone watch over me 
love me feed me talk to me look at me even scarred run with me 
when I am old to the harbor before the ship sails but I flawed I had 
no strength nobody heard a word everybody ignored me.
                                        Help Me
The ship sailed leaving without my soul because none came to 
liberate me I am still homeless and scarred.
Help me to forget help me to survive can anybody do that?
 Therese Bacha
 June 26 2013