What flower are you

Written by: Seren Roberts

If you could be a flower
What would you like to be
A rose between two thorns
Or a dandelion maybe

How about a petunia
Hmm they like an onion bed
Or maybe a fuscia
With their lovely perfumed heads

What would I choose to be
I ask myself, let’s see
A daffodil that represents Wales
Or a tulip, well we’ll see

Will describe myself
My head is white and hung
I am a springtime flower
Out when the birdsongs sung

I am a delicate soul
Grown in groups together
Everyone says aww look
There is a……… there

Shall I give you a clue, I will in rhyme

My first is in flake but not in choc
My second is in fall but not in jump
Put me together what have you got
I am a snowdrop that grows in a clump.

You can reply to me with your flower suggestions if you wish.