The Christmas Message

Written by: DrJim Martin

Dr. James E. Martin
©November, 2012

Christmas is once again drawing near,
That season of joy and holiday cheer.
Those favorite carols are now being heard,
There’s now within most a festive word.

As we hit the stores and roam the malls,
Are we joyous as should be with all that befalls?
Is our focus and demeanor as it should be?
Do others in us, “Christmas” see?

Has the reason for the season into obscurity passed?
On our list of importance, is it now listed last?
There’s growing sentiment now in this world
For everything Christian into oblivion to be hurled.

Dare we “Merry Christmas” continue to shout?
Do we remind others what Christmas is about?
As we enter into this most wonderful time of year
Let others continue the real message to hear.

In remembering a birth there’s nothing amiss,
Since this is one that none should dismiss.
The Savior, the only begotten of god
Into this world of depravity has trod.

Born that man could from sin be free,
Is a message much larger than the Christmas tree.
Freely He came – His blood He shed
That man might be freed from the eternally dead.

The message is simple, yet amazingly profound.
From the lips of all this message should sound.
Christmas is more than presents under the tree,
Will Christmas in each, others really see?