Lend An Ear, My Cavalier

Written by: Samantha McDougal

I have forfeited every inch
Of your bitter blow
And you have reaped the profit.
You took my discretion for granted
And placed me inside a cage.
You withered,
In an open page.
The palate of your face
Eating at the sky
And delivering me to justice.
Haunting me and my forbidden womb.
Drenching the maggots
In silver and golden
As they nibble at a
Greasy toothed moron
From the grave.
And in temptation,
You'll haunt them too.
A wandering pilgrimage
Isn't far from you.
And with this thought,
Your on foot,
Fleeing to the very next castle
Of whore ridden death and degenerates.
And because of his avarice
You will never turn back.
And because the tips of her hair,
Drenched in brandy
And ever tickling at your spine,
You will never turn back.
At agate,
An open wound sits
Mingling with the dark and the lecherous.
Having cocktails with the waitress
Whose initials spell hepatitis
And whose breasts aren't far from
The waist you see so fit.
Gangrene has not swallowed
This slit up just yet
And it is far too simpleminded
Of you to forget how you pleaded
With her to let it heal.
Let it heal.
Let it stop.
Let it seal.
To free the ever so silent songbird
Who has been caged in your debt
For centuries,
Bargaining and wagering with
The undertaker
And licking at injustice with her toes,
Wanting nothing more than to bear
The child of a man who hates the sea
But is born from the salt of it's accomplices.
A man whose bitter death is but a tragedy
To shoe makers
But sleeps under a petticoat
For fear of losing his head.
The man who holds his key so tightly
With all probability and intention
Of letting it go.