Written by: Kyal Millentree

Im about to lose my mind, I 
wish I could rewind time. I 
would take back all the lies, 
cries, and bad times just to call 
you mine. Lets forget about the 
past and let these last minutes 
of love last. We can't because 
the trust was broken glass long 
before I started falling fast. I 
broke your heart and you broke 
mine. Will our love ever shine? 
Shall we let love cry? Let love 
die? Or shall we ignore there 
ever was a love between you 
and I? Through all the lies and 
deceit, is there still a place in 
your heart for me? If not, let 
our last goodbyes be the last 
cry so the love can rot. If we 
ever by chance meet again, lets 
start out as friends.