bard's East Side recitation

Written by: Goode Guy

ya can't recite a sonnet 
without a union card
we got rules here ya know
now move along, 
you're not da bard

ya can't be a narrated narrative
neither an alliterative comparative
voiced onomatopoeia sounds like a panacea
but the aesthetics don't fit the phonetics

ya can't be a couple-a-couplets
droppin' duo doubles as doublets

ya can't be a Limerick either
now ya don't look Irish neither
so, authentic you ain't
don't make no complaint
got no chew but yer one last incisor

ya can't get on the open-mic
an' recite jus' anything ya like
it takes rules and forms
to fit into da norms
without causin' a riot or strike

so jus' be aware, we got rules here 
acrostics will get cha put down
Iambic pentameter - is the wroong parameter,
and the villanelle - don't go over so well
your calligraphy don't mean nutin' ta dem - or me
so jus' know, how we blow...
'cause, youse ain't da bard

© Goode Guy 2012-11-15