knives at the ready

Written by: Seren Roberts

The scene was set in zoom
Knives were at the ready
Was dragged into the room
Hands really were not steady

Was to film the ritual
Camera in hand
Looked to check if all ok
Would rather sit than stand

The executioners walked in
Looked at the corpse on the slab
Picked up the knives began to cut
Was then ……………………………….

Was then my alarm went off
 I woke up all a tremble
Hands a shaking as they cut open the head
Brains spilling all over the table

Was my first day at an autopsy today
My reaction was calm and serene
But when I went to bed last night
That was in my dream.

Waking up from such a nightmare
Makes me shiver whenever I’m asked
To take some ones picture
No longer a simple task

dated  29/11/2012  Penned by  Seren Roberts