Dear God, Please Forgive

Written by: Mariam Mababaya

Dear God, Please Forgive

AstaghfurAllah – O’ Allah, forgive –
Forgive all my mistakes – the big and small –
AstaghfurAllah – as long as I live –
Please forgive me too when I leave this world –

The sins I did when I did intend them,
The sins I did which I thought were okay,
The sins that I did again and again –
AstaghfurAllah for all those mistakes.

O’ Allah, I am human – imperfect –
Prone to committing mistakes everyday.
The sins I did wrongly I do regret –
For Your forgiveness, O’ Allah, I pray.

“AstaghfurAllah” every day and night
For the wrongs I did when I wasn’t right.

Miriam / Mariam Mababaya