Sound of Cries


Her tears like crystal fall and shatter,
The reasons to him don't seem to matter.
His anger evident  in her bruised eyes,
Neighbors dissmissed the sound of cries.

A ghost spawned from her pains
insurgenced from fears and bloodstains
Icy chills can persistantly be felt,
Echoes from the blows dealt.

Begging for redemption not pain,
Unquestionably the blows rain.
As you wonder this residential haunting,
Dread so repressively daunting.

Harsh slaps, cruel intent,
Her horse cries wearily spent.
Others too callous to get involved,
It's not their business to get solved.

Her shattered spirit resides there,
At the bottom of the last stair.
Repetitively rocking to comfort the need,
To stop the blood she 'll no longer bleed.

Praying for revenge, that won't come,
Craving payback for what he'd done.
The sounds of a cries went unheard,
Exiting this cruel world on a cursed word.