Written by: Yvette Lisa Ndlovu

Chains tightly bound
Around my Spirit.
Hopelessness echoed
Sounding doom in my ears.
Fight, faith broken.
The Sea of Anguish
Had engulfed,
canopied& enveloped.
Then I looked to the Sky.

My gleam of Hope
Who nightly strokes
The sorrowful world.
Her soothing light
Ceaselessly shifting form.
illuminating a path
For the Lost.

Unlike her blinding cousin, The Sun,
who scorches& scalds.
The Moon tenderly kisses
The face of the Earth.
Unlike the orange-red glare,
signaling misfortune.
White light glows,
promising a New Dawn.

Look out your window!
Look out your window!
Get a glimpse,
she is Full
maybe Half
tomorrow quarter.
Get touched,
the crescents heightening Whiteness.
Her untainted Purity.