How I Travel to the Moon

Written by: William Morrissey

      How I Travel to the Moon

As I sleep, I travel to the moon
Do not know what to expect
Or if I will be returning soon
Surprise to say, some may think that this "planet" is a reject

I find myself upon this escarpment
Looking to the north, I see a glass building two stories tall
This is a greenhouse, and two young children in predicament
A huge Bengal tiger upstairs, waiting for them to fall

These human aliens silently cry out for help
So I intend to put my life on the line, to save these strangers
I cannot bear to see them eaten, and their remains put upon a shelf
To be certain, I am ready to face extreme pain and many dangers.

So I quickly move upstairs; I calm the tiger down
One boy, one girl; so scared, so frozen in time
I talk kind words to these kids and swiftly lead them to the ground
To rescue two kids from certain death, but the glory is not mine

William Morrissey 3/2/07