Because I Am In Love

Written by: Therese Bacha

                        "Because I Am In Love".

I have something in particular to tell you and myself.
How lucky I am to have this moment, as I was able to 
Love someone and told him over the years, I love you,
I love Love was my choice from moment to moment.

Because I Am In Love,
I remembered only the moments as a heart in love with beauty,
Never grows old. Only then I started living the life I have planned. 
As life is a journey a creative journey.

Every morning I would feel that there is a light after each dawn 
That thought gave me the opportunity to stop analyzing the past 
And worry about the future but chose to live in the moment. 

I seized every opportunity to chose to laugh out loud and make 
Him smile. I would share my imaginations with him to carry us 
To worlds that never were, but without it, we would have gone 

I could feel my life I felt it priceless as together we fitted so well 
In this world. Our now became an eternal now an eternal present 
As when I was with him I had no name, my only aim was to love 
him now.

I did not want to die nor start to cry I wanted to scream not to be denied 
To dream as long as I was awake I wanted to caress his hair as it was only fair
I wanted to hold him tight to heal and be able to feel to believe in fate of an endless love. 

I wanted not to be blamed that I am in love nor to be  judged but to stay in Love and fly like a dove to survive only to dive into his arms deeper to sink and sleep and just pretend never to think of an end because I wanted to be With my man. 

Because I Am In Love,
Everyday I would wait for the wind to blow me toward him hold 
His hand and make him understand why I am here only because
We both are still in love. 43 Years together still in love.

                                       Therese Bacha  Win. No. 3