Dear John

Written by: nicole marrier

Dear John....... my heart feels like it has turned to ice
Spending my days alone and staring at the moon at night
I wonder where you are and if your doing alright
I wish you were here to bring me back to life

I wish you were here like you always used to be
During the times I felt alive and finally free
wearing that bracelet that had the lock and key
before I gave it back and let the love leave

I watched the love leave as your heart turned to ice
You left me alone and took away the moon's light
You never told me where you were or asked if i'm alright
Do you wish I was there to bring you back to life?

Back to life when there was desire in your eye
When your mind could not think to ever say goodbye
remember these times when I was by your side?
Oh, Dear John please lower your pride

Lower your pride and let love melt the ice
You don't have to go through this alone, let back in the light
tell me where you are and I'll make it alright
your wish will come true; we can come back to life
.....Dear John