The Old Man and the Seine

Written by: T Wignesan

The Old Man and the Seine

      For the legendary George Whitman

              (1912 – December 13, 2011)


King George peered out of the oval of the hollow mile

   And caught the Hunchback ogling Gina Lollobrigida;

Victor Hugo sat engrossed in his séance at Guernsey Isle

   Feigning he would hold back the Cervantes Armada;

So witty Ol’ Walt sat on the lip of Notre Dame bridge

   Scuffing overgrown grass with his heels in the Seine

But his beard got caught in Quijote’s wordy porridge:

   That’s why they say he set up shop in Butcher’s Lane.

The Master of Ol’ Vic took exception to this affront

   And shook his spear such that it stirred a tsunami

From the Thames down the Chunnel to the front

   Of Tumbleweed Hotel’s Shakespeare & Company.

Now you know why King George kept his window shut

All through the century keeping no eye even half shut.  

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris. From the collection: Poems Omega Plus, 2005; rev. 2012.