Mortal Saviour

Written by: Celine Tran

She turns around and smiles
"so now you're happy"
I look at her, it's been a while
"no, things are still crappy".

Without a word, she reaches forward
and touches my pale dry cheek.
It's my heart...she's working towards
refilling all the blood that'd leak.

I saw the scars on her arm.
They made me cold but my soul warm
"There are seven" she grinned.
I knew instantly: each stood for a deadly sin.

Some were fresh, some were fading.
The pain on her face...I knew she was feigning!
and it made me tear up inside
because all this time, with me she had been beside.

"Is it bleeding again?" she asked.
Nothing did I do and nothing did I say.
She stroked gently and pulled out some shattered glass
"Maybe for you, there is another way..."

Suddenly, she crumbles to the floor.
From her chest, red liquid starts trickling down
and all I can do is panic as I run to the door.
The Gold Gate opens...and I forget how to frown.