the fight

Written by: Charlie Murder

i remember her and clearly still
she sat in a bed surrounded by that sickening antiseptic smell
i held her hand so tightly to reassure her
      she needed that. i could tell.
she smiled a pale thin,weak smile
and i kissed her cheek.
she asked how much more she needed to fight
just a bit more, you are getting better.
     she seemed to smell my lie.
i held her hand and she shed one single tear.
     just one.
keep fighting love you will win. just keep fighting.
it was a warm sunday. she was lain in a shady earthen bed beneath the roses....
     or what used to be roses.
amythist...she kept on fighting...
for the roses grew back.
the grew back purple.
      a light quaint purple.
i fell to my knees and cried in the grass...
       baby you dont have to fight anymore.