A Woman's Wrath

Written by: Abdul Malik

During the dark dreary cold winter weather
There're times of sunshine and warm rather,
So also the moods of a woman you can't trust
Soft as snowflakes at times or cold hard crust.

Hotter than fire or colder than ice,
Happy or sad - Oh, you'll pay the price,
Placid or provoked, she carries a punch
Making the best of us a sore-looking bunch.

Never step out into this raging storm,
Crawl under the covers and stay warm,
Let the wailing winds pass you by,
Stay put until you see a clear blue sky!

You may censure me, you can ostracize;
Oh, do review thy lady ere you patronize -
Thus I forewarn the brethren of my ilk,
Fall not for fair face and skin soft as silk!

Abdul Malik
"Fire and Ice" Contest