It's The Time

Written by: Owen Yeates

It’s the time of the year to hear Jesus’ name
Who from the Virgin Mary came
Born in a stable so long ago
A place full of cattle that gently low

Wise men that came from far and wide
To bring the new King their gifts with pride
Following a bright shining star
Came upon a stable after travelling far

Wrapped in swaddling clothes in a manger laid
In Bethlehem city where Herod would raid
He escaped his pursuers and was long gone
If Herod had killed him what would we have done?

The child he grew to speak of Gods love
And his father’s kingdom in heaven above
Of life everlasting in heavens abode
Provided that people could find the right road

So at this pleasant time of the year
Listen to Gods words without any fear
Repent all your sins and then just maybe
One day in his Heaven perhaps you will be

And on this his birthday let all war cease
If we listen to God we could always have peace
A world in which we all could share
Just like in Heaven if we really care