Loved One

Written by: Owen Yeates

As I sit here and wonder why,
I find myself about to cry.
Then I think of all the years,
As my cheeks get wet with tears.

Time has passed so quickly by,
Why do loved ones have to die?
We lost in you someone so true,
Oh loving mum when god took you.

You saw that we were clothed and fed,
And had somewhere to lay our head.
You taught us right from wrong and so,
Why did the good lord make you go?

You left a man, who could not cope,
This broke his heart he could not cope.
How we your children wept and cried,
In grief and love for you had died.

So if there is a heaven above,
That’s just like you and full of love.
Then one day with you we may be,
Our loved one and her family