Home of bondage

Written by: Fate McFate

Behind docks for yonks,
am a born refugee
of the home of bondage.
Within the rite's prisons
am entangled in this inherited  
deep in our conscience.
Centuries founded walls 
stand stiffly as board
inscribed by queer letters
letters that sum up to words of crime.

In 'their' presence we 
make a jazz
our evil instrictive desires in a 
sweet jargon.
We don't mean, 'cut down the mango 
we mean, 'chop off their heads'
on exuberance of revenge;
vengeance to our ancestors,
we gang
against our brothers whom we differ 
by the language of the tongues,
by the colours of the skin.

These selfish futile battles, 
when shall they end?
The rites of vengeance
when shall we refrain from their 
My kids won't be such slaves
for this is my treason
my exodus from the home of