Love's Wanderer

Written by: Jillian Veitenheimer

Upon sunsets of dying skies
Whispered winds of life gone by
Empty air fills the lungs
A wanderer in search of past
Struggling through grains of time
Quicksand of hopelessness
Engulfing him in exhaustion

Upon seas of the abyss
Whispered melodies of life gone by
Dry air fills the mouth
The wanderer in search of sustenance
Collapsing in the desert of time
Dehydration of the soul
Consuming him in unquenchable thirst

Upon forests of calignosity 
Whispered secrets of life gone by
Adam’s ale fills the mouth
The wanderer discovered in need
Revived in the garden of time
Mystification of his savior
Enshrined in her familiarity 

Upon the universe of forevermore
Whispered love of life gone by
An endearment fills the mouth
The wanderer discovered his need
Encountered her in all of time
Bewilderment of their undeniable fate
And eternally enamored with his soul mate