Wildwood New Jersey

Written by: Sandra Adams

as i sit and watch the ocean
the waves tumble along
lick the sand and drop
treasures behind...

the sky blends
beyond the horizon
everything seems as one

an advertisement 
from a plane barely heard
catches my eye

the salty spray
kisses my cheek
and mingles with tears
as my memory recalls;

i remember the long rides
that seemed like forever
the board games, the shoving
to see out the windows, the 
are we there yet from talkative lips
silenced only by the smell of ocean air

the walks down to the beach
that seemed to take forever
(but are much longer now)

the walks down the boardwalk
“watch the tram car please”
echoing behind our backs
as we tried to see through the cracks

the amusements piers, the golden nugget,
the log flume with the ocean just beneath
the lights reflected back as we laughed

it’s changed some now
the piers and rides differ
and the walk even longer
the ocean no longer beneath
reflecting lights back as it did

i go often as an adult
watch the ocean, listen to her
as my silence falls with her waves
my memories tumble along
like lost shells, i gather them
and treasure them the same...

i sit alone, wish you here
feel you near, pretend it’s the same

walk the boardwalk
from beginning to end
and back, with the tram car
echoing behind my back

i gather fudge from “Laura’s”
taffy from “James” savor the moment
as if it were the same