An Invitation from Salt Lake City

Written by: Mya Thein

                    An Invitation 
from Salt Lake City
(1)	In this great nation, the 
United States of the America,
	People who had been 
residing for quite a while,
	And if you have never 
ever been to Salt Lake City 
	Should come and visit 
without hesitation at least in a 
	To all our friends, treat 
this as an Invitation, who-so-

(2)	Although Summer time is 
relatively gorgeous to stay
	It rivaled the heat of our 
Golden Land of Myanmar
	Far exceeding the 
temperatures all day. 
	Also in the open season of 
Spring that we all admire
	There are lots of Canyons 
to go around if one desires.

(3)	In times of Autumn 
Season, when leaves fall
	Whirling to the ground 
like a chopper,
	Little birds work hard to 
stock supplies for winter long 
	According to the mundane 
nature that never falter
	As humans, like the 
Avians, we labored year round
	Our people donating a 
cent, if earned a dime
	To consolidate good deeds 
in next life all the time
	That is the real goal of 
Myanmar people that all shine.

(4)	Winter solstice is the 
coldest of all the time
	Snow caps the mountain 
peaks, serenely and beautifully,
	Embracing the city and its 
lakes magnificently fine
	The beauty and the grace 
of the City that is 
	Sights and sceneries 
embed in your memories that 
	This is the Salt Lake City, 
our domicile that outshines.

	By  Dr Ko Ko Thein
                     Salt Lake City