A Smile

Written by: Mandy Tams The Golden Girl

Skimming through the firmament, looping round the stars
Dancing through the Milky Way, pass and say goodbye to Mars
Whooshing through the galaxy thousands of miles an hour
Ducking the shooting stars, watching the meteorites shower.

For some, they need excitement to get them through their day
Others it is for money they get on their knees and pray
Celebrities for the shallow, cheeks to turn for the meek
All these things make up the world, but what do we each seek?

Sweets for the sweet but not for me please honey
Not into chocolate bars, not into money
Clothes for the naked, stilettos for the short
Exercise for the weak, for the rest there’s always sport

Food for the hungry, beds for those without
Parents for the orphans, that goes without a doubt
But for me there is one thing, which I'd like just for me
A smiling face each and every day, to show you are happy

© 25/11/2012 ~GG~