Is This Me

Written by: Carl Fraser

Just a few scattered sprinkles of sanity remain,
holding any hope hostage.
But for what price you may ask?
Is this all that's left?
Will the engine finally sputter and die?
Another moment suspended in time,
and all that settles is dust.
And the pendulum stops half way up,
just to see if I notice,
with that smug, "hey look at me", attitude.
Well someone sure needs attitude, 
and why not the world of the inanimate.
I cried til I laughed and danced in the puddle of tears,
where the years fell like brittle branches,
in the tornado's path.
Cutting a swath through my soul ,
to where all reason takes a final bow;
And lunacy takes the upper hand,
as the mirror screams, " Is this me".
Carl A Fraser