A Crime of Passion like Victim Status

Written by: Carma Reed

Come a little closer baby, wanna lay you down, rip 
off pants, on the ground, you lift my skirt, I lean 
in, as you go up my thigh, against the wall, 
boy,spread that world boss body,stripe it down 
nakedly,Take to a call of duty, calls your 
name,surrender your gun-shooter,No need to 
talk,just pleasure,and do your thing,Like A real 
thug, in A crime of passion should,Drink my 
creamy milk, and eat my doughnut hole,No time to 
waste, I've been a bad bad girl,so make me 
scream n' moan, nigga, Like victim status,Hard n' 
stiff,pound me to the teeth,And Rape me please, 
time n' time again,I need it now,please I beg of 
you,HURRY!!! The popo's are coming, I quickly 
cum,as you tightly grip,sweats pouring,pounding 
down the door,enforcing it, I gave my all, hope 
you enjoyed it......