Written by: Shafika Burke


I felt the cold wind on my back,
As i sat there looking at the sky.
How could my colorful world turn black?
And the love in my heart just die?
Love was suppose to be like Spring,
Now why does it feel like winter?
You claimed I was your everything!
I accepted you with your every flaw.
We were suppose to be like the stars,
And shine together side by side.
Why do I feel like I'm behind bars?
I need somewhere to run and hide!
Tears? I never knew them until today,
No reason did I have to cry.
You promised You would keep them away
So love where is my smile?
The warmness in my heart turned cold;
Excuse me, I'm new to this feeling 
It's like I just suddenly grew old,
Why did this happen without warning?
Love you trained me to be selfless,
Was it hard to return the favour?
I guess this was the ultimate test,
 And I must accept my failure.
Everything to me, is new
May I please go back in time?
LOVE! How could you not stay true?
I want everything you said would be mine!
The night is almost over;
Love would you be in my dreams?
Would you be back tomorrow?
Or are things just as they seem?
I cant believe you, this is not right!
But love I hope to see you again.
Until then Goodnight and
Love, you'd always be my friend .