A Road To Be Discovered

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

A Road To Be Discovered The last of winter’s snowflakes transform into heavy raindrops Thus giving way to a translucent journey of a road to be discovered Eventually the storm’s torrential rain will finally stop Leaving the rays of hope from the sun to view a road uncovered I close my eyes and remember endless days of walking until I felt old Only to open my eyes and find that I was still lost in my path So many endless hopes I had of finding a place for my dreams to unfold Only to find them covered once more under the cold winter’s stormy wrath At last I can see that road before me, one that I knew since I was born A path that I’ve dreamed of walking that led me to my goals My feet automatically begins to move in steps where the snow once formed Leading me to my greatest treasure that would fulfill my soul Through the inspiration from the sun’s rays that showed a road uncovered That dried the rain which drowned a winter’s last sting I was able to view a road to be discovered From nature’s translucent window of what destiny was meant to bring Contest: A Road Driven Sponsor: Michael Falotico