Written by: Naveah Rassan

I thought I could have kept you forever 
But forever seemed a bit to be to long 
To forget you might seem to be clever 
But for that I not at all strong 
Not having you with me 
Leaves my heart with an utter tear 
Right now I'll cry you a sea 
With hope you will still be here 
Death isn't a choice 
Life is no longer a pleasure 
Loud will be my voice 
With sorrows the ocean can't measure 
My heart is counting the moments till I see you again 
I scream and shout without a stutter 
At nights I wail in utter most pain 
My love for you is all but scatter 
You name is across my heart 
Love carved it with a knife 
I love you Sparkie is how is start 
In death you are still part of my life