Written by: Evangeline Demate

" There is nothing wrong on giving all you have to that person who holds your heart, being broken-hearted is okay but being broken- hearted twice from the same guy is off the track. " 
 Girl, you've been lied,
you've been cursed,
you've been thrown,
you have cried, 
and you've been hurt.
Still your heart can take
so much of that.
 Sure you know
the difference between love and insanity.
Committing mistake and learning from it, its ok.
but committing the same mistake over and over again
is stupidity.
 You let go of your heart and your mind,
I hope someone will catch it at the end of time.
One day, I hate to see again,
in one corner you cry...
I may not know how is it to be on your shoes,
but I am pretty aware of the pain it caused.