Wreck of Queen Annabellee


Gale winds blew a contemptuous gust,
Churning up waves with a titanic thrust.
The ship known as Queen Anabellee,
Sails no more, resting on the bottom of the sea.

The sailors swore to batten-down their fear, 
From mother nature's foulness to weather the frontier
Sirens known as scourge of the sea,
Hardened a heart to a sailor's plea

For a decade or so Queen Anabellee,
Eluded mother nature's assassin, the briny sea.
Hailed as the unsinkable, impenetrable ship,
Surrendered her reigning decade trip.

The spoils aboard Queen Anabellee,
Were pilfered below by the ravenous sea. 
Adventurous sailors had been forewarned,
The rape of the sea, formidable when scorned

With assured stem dismissed the mighty gale,
Ventured forward and indeed set-sail.
The fickle sea with an impetuous wrath,
Ultimately sank her, in the well-sailed path.

The waters churned like a mighty whale
swallowing whole bow,stern and sail
The lesson for those like Queen Anabellee,
No one shall mock the vengeance of the sea.