free cee i wasn't sure about this one but when a genius like VIENNA approves i listen

Written by: jeffry cohan

                   A BARK IN THE DARK

First I heard a bark
in the dark
then I felt a bite
at midnight

whatever it was it was ferocious to say the least
a veritable and the personification of a beast
it seemed it was on the hunt for blood or bone
and all I could do was beseech it to leave me alone

at first it was blurry so I couldn't see what it was
yet it frightened me because that's what a monster does
it rips you to shreds to satiate its need
and it grins largely when it causes you to bleed

then as it neared me I ogled a beautiful face
someone who walked with stunning grace
yet to me it was ugly from beginning to end
because I saw my ex waiting around the bend
    © 2012.....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~