Blanketed with Joy

Written by: Richard Lamoureux

If only your blanket did not extend to my drive way
It was but an hour ago, I removed the thin sheet you provided
Now I must go out again
Why do I curse you?
You spread before me like a miracle
all things purified
You provide a translucent blanket of white
children know your beauty
why do I curse you?
I choose to stay in my insulated castle
looking at artificialy created flames
drinking my instant coffee
Still you call to me
grab that shovel
build a fort, reclaim your youth
be the dad you wished for
A hockey wrink awaits me outside my front door
no skates required 
I Join in the laughter
shake the snow from my furrowed brow
Toss handfulls of fluffy snow from the ground
I see my smile on their faces

I get under the Blanket
How can something so cold warm me so?