That Blessed Day

Written by: Demetrios Trifiatis

That Blessed Day

When the shuddering echo,
Of battle-cries vanish forever,
Under the victorious cheers
Of universal brotherhood,

When the cold murderous cannons,
Will be silenced by love, 
And in their barrels singing birds
Build their nests,

When the cruel wounds,
Mercilessly inflicted by barbaric wars,
Be healed once and for all
By human compassion,

When the medals of honor, 
Of  today’s heroes, 
Monuments of shame in the eyes,
Of the world appear,

When hatred and its siblings,
Are expelled from our kind hearts,
Thrown thus into the Tartarus
Of human condemnation,

When racial discriminations,
That divided us are obliterated,
By the sublime understanding,
Of our enlightened minds,

When upon the ravaged face
Of our long-suffered planet,
A place is found for each one of us
To live happily free,

That blessed day 
Will be the first day,
Of the long-awaited period,

                                                   ©  Demetrios Trifiatis
                                                      27 February 1984