Ride to Victory

Written by: Demetrios Trifiatis

Ride to Victory!

Ride your inspiring horse of hopes and gallop
                                                             to victory!
Endless the roads of challenges lie ahead
                                                        in your way,
Inviting you dare to shape your future, to incarnate
                                                             your destiny!

The day is new and you are young. Many the goals
                                                                  to achieve,
 Uncountable the mountains to conquer! Innumerable
                                                          the paths to follow
So, go ahead, never stop, never doubt, never question
                                                          your abilities,
For you are endowed with a myriad of talents and
                                              a gifted spirit from above.

Now the time has come for you, the wings of your precious
                                                                       mind to unfold, 
And fly to the realm of discoveries and of truths to you,
                                                                      yet unknown!
Do not be afraid; remain strong, steadfast to your dreams,
                                                                    never oscillate!
Be diligent, truthful to yourself, honest and with
                                                                  a lion’s heart,
For TOMORROW belongs to the fighters: to those
                                                who never give up,  
For tomorrow belongs to YOU!

                                                              (C) Demetrios Trifiatis