CANTERBURY CANT on the murder of Thomas Becket

Written by: Victoria Anderson-Throop

Canterbury Cathedral Cant

Cold silence
On that stony floor
No man or woman walks where he was killed
brother of your heart
Murdered by your careless slip of speech--
rash threat 
Uttered by you-- brother of blood since childhood
Lifelong friend, Harry, 
 king -- raged a childish rage
brought your world crashing
murder plots by wife and children
you had no will to resist without him
you buried peace within his tomb
threw yourself face down and wept upon that place
blood and tears turned into stone

His blood never washed--nor your tears--
 a thousand years away

David and Jonathan reborn
you werer
Bond that grips the spirit
Lives entangled in struggles beyond compare
mighty passions within mighty spirits raged
surpassing friendship lost
men equal
genius is inborn and not forgotten

it tears my heart
it tears my heart

Note:  Thomas was Archbishop of Canterbury, Henry Tudor--his best friend, King of England.  They were drinking buddies and lifelong best friends. In a rabid discussion over politics and theology--Henry stormed off muttering curses. In his bad temper he wished his best friend dead to be rid of the problem. two thugs took up the challenge---to gain a place of power--and they stabbed Thomas to death in the cathedral.  The rest, as they say, is history.  It was a tragic story of friendship lost and interesting to read about if you are so inclined.