jealousy kills people

Written by: tanaka chirombo

Why are you so jealousy?
Is it that you’re so lousy?
Up to that you feel so clumsy
Then you feel sorry for your self being flossy

Why be like that
You hurt me although you don’t get fat
But you have a face like a rat
With your jealousy like a cat

stop being like a dog
don’t believe as if your brain is full of fog
as no one can take you out for a jog
as your heart pumps like knock

what do you gain
all you do is just cause pain
and make me sit on rain
while in your head your just plain
I don’t even know you aim
jealousy will be your middle name
cause we don’t you to feel same
since you’re a huge shame
although you wont get the blame
I still can’t play anymore the game
as I find you so jealousy person lame
since you don’t even have a taste of fame
since I search for you while you live flame