Sparrow's Song The Bear

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield

The Bear : 

Hello my Boy, I have finally found a minute ( although it has never been lost ) to put your Sparrow theme to my attempt at rhyme.

( " Softly Sang The Sparrows " )
( " Softly I Speak Of My Love To Thee " )
( The Bear )

Sparrow's Song

Softly, sweetly sing Sparrows, of spring in the air.
Softly, sweetly sings my heart - brings thoughts so fair
of my love, desire, dreams, passion for thee -
carried on the breeze song birds send forth from a tree
that echoes in my brain - echoing in my ears
dissipating all that comes - all those ghostly fears
that come out of life's experiences - laying behind our eyes
fears that keep us apart, keep us from the ties
that to-gether will keep us from all that could bind .
All the songs of love never ever again to find .
That my friend is the darkness that keeps us blind . 

B.J."A" 2
April 4th 2009