Minnekhada My China Girl Yesterday

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield

Minnekhada . 
My China Girl

Brought to me an exquisite, exotic China Girl, from Beijing.
Yesterday an adventure in Minnekhada, - my spirit did sing
with joy at her kind,open heart - as her delightful soul did bring
into this beautiful B.C. day, a glimpse, as I watched her, in wonder 
at Mother Nature, in all her fall splendor, Salmon spawning under
blue skies, a black Bear, and there I knew nothing could tear asunder
the moments shared, those Innocent looks, the holding of hands
as we explored - China Girl, for the first time - these tranquil lands
of Minnekhada, showing off all her natural beauty.
A moment in time with China Girl ( Nattily ) and all her, inner beauty.


And I think of the Polish Princess, and all that was missed,
all she never gave, from her heart, not even, in passion, was I kissed.
And I now wonder ?, what China Girl, might have in store for me.
Will she be ?, - I am not so sure - as the Princess, ( easy to see ).

B. J. "A" 2
November 4th 2009