Thailand 1, What is Paradise

Written by: Steve Humphries Artist

What is beauty?
What is paradise?

Is it in temperature?
If so then I'm too hot here.

Is it in visual sensation?
Here the sea is vivid blue,
and expands generously embracing wondrous unfathomable islands
Of a million greens,
The girls of every colour make my guts flutter and my eyes roll
sighs through gritted teeth
Exciting in vision,

Is it in odour? 
It smells like rotting corpses and poorly designed sewers,
I struggle to not heave and wretch with every step.

Is it in tactile sensation?
I am covered in mosquito bites and scratches,
my throat burns and I itch itch itch
The echo of warm hands leaves me wanting.

Is it in taste?
The food burns my stomach and blocks me up,
all the many flavours blend into one overpowering taste of foreign grease.

Is it in sound?
Screeching Thai's make me wince,
complaining mothers,
tuk tuk drivers,
massage girls,
suite sellers
assault my ears with their constant cries for attention.

Is it in sex?
In the act of sex- yes,
Only in the same way that salt water feels as if it quenches your thirst as you drink it.
But inevitably just makes you more thirsty.

Is it in friends and company?
Too little loneliness and I start to hate,
feeling suffocated by their ignorance,
drowning in their shallowness.
Too much loneliness and I go to places I can't explain.

What is beauty?
In form?
in sense?
Does not paradise belong in the thinking so....
It's all subjective.