Heart's Grave

Written by: Elektra Real

I want to leave you tonight while the moon is brighter
I wouldn't want to walk away in darkness
I might not find my way home

In a place I have chosen for us
There will be no fireworks, only sadness
And the candle burning silently,crying to its end

I have found you among the stars
I will leave you there among them tonight
While the birds are sleeping, while the clouds are absent

I will keep the traces of your presence
In a place in my heart that I could no longer reach
You shall remain in that abyss untouched, but I'll know you're there

You will be there until forever unfolds itself
And a hand that can save me shall at last arrive
In its care I shall take the life to bring the ashes to a burning

I will take a piece of that smile with me
And that voice I shall carry until my ears go deaf
I shall see you in memory until I grow old to see my dreams clearly

But I'll know you're there, you will be there
If a gaze for just one more time can still take my breath away
I shall know that this departure is weak; I will dare not attempt

As you have come inside me in silence
Now I am leaving you in silence
With a love to hold, in restlessness.