CRUSH- to Dust or Eternity

Written by: Stefanus Nuno Pereira

A sweet forbidden crush I have
I confess I do
From being faithful to a knave
Yet I don't blame you.
I'm a victim of emotions
Swirling like a bottle in the ocean's motions.
I close my eyes n see our moments.
So perfect they deserve no comments.
Wish I could live them again
But then doubt feasts on my brain.
How does she feel about me?
Are we sailing the same sea?
Will this emotion pass?
How long will this last?
I feel so warm inside
When I have you by my side.
I want to wash my hands
But can not find the right water
Should I step in this quicksand?
Or just jump it over?
I want to enter this labyrinth
Poisonous yet gorgeous like Hyacinth
She feels right for marriage.
And be my children's carriage.
I will wait with the hopes that fate
shows me the right path to take
Till that day I ask the Almighty.
If I should "crush" to dust or eternity!