Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

I had just received the message
I didn't have time to pack,
I was going on a journey,
And I was never coming back.

I was told not to worry
About what I'd take with me
I wouldn't need a suitcase
Of that he guaranteed.

The message came from the very top
From a very high official,
My time had come to leave this place
My trip was to be special.

My eyes did close as I became
So very, very tired,
I felt that I was packed in ice,
But my body was on fire.

I travelled down a tunnel black
With a bright light at the end,
A bearded man with gentle eyes
Said "Welcome home my friend"

I never felt so peaceful
As on that trip I had
I was told I'd never be alone,
And would never again feel sad.

I saw the valleys green with grass
I saw the water blue
I heard music sung by angels,
And words of love so true.

I saw so many loved ones
That I had yearned for many times,
I saw the Gates of Pearly White
that simply were divine

My old and sickly body
Became youthful once again,
I could soar just like an eagle
In this place that had no end.

So when you get the message
To leave the place you're in
Consider it a blessing
To erase away your sins.

You will never again feel anger,
You will never again feel pain,
You will be a part of the sunshine,
And you will be a part of the rain.

You will be part of the heavens'
A part of the sky so blue,
And when they wish upon a star,
It may very well be you!

Lynn Barany