I am able never accepted the word disabled
Out casted and trampled on by the one who gave me shelter for nine months
A victim of circumstances in almost all instances because our fore fathers never embraced us as their own 
Clearly, we had differences so in our hearts we wondered if God had our interest
The streets became our home, a home that murdered many innocent souls through starvation so you hypocrites never preach to me about salvation when your bellies are full
Do these politicians think we need them to pass a bill before we can have a meal?
If believers of the Bible and Quran cannot show us love then I ask, can many of us see heaven without a deal?
A revolution starts now
So tell a brother to tell another brother that it all begins here in our hearts
Today may be challenging but know that every second we can sense and see a better day evolving
Let us work hard for the sake of our children who will not forgive us because we never triumph over the challenges
Yes we can only if we are willing which is powerful than any natural healing
Our victory will be a mystery coded in our souls like history
We can emphatically say we are all on a journey more relevant than a missionary