Dance With Me

Written by: Nii-Ayi Solomon

How long must I be in the dark room?
Staring into emptiness
Thy feet is treasured
Roll on the floor with me
Expressing love intoxicated 
with sexual touch

Dance with me my fair lady
Search thy heart
And flow with the rhythm
Jingle the maracas
It does not matter where we stand
The music of our heart will remain the same

Dance with me 
Oh! Dance with me	
For the sweet scented aroma
Of our ageing love is gaining strength  
The grope is sensational
The atmosphere is evoking
And the feeling is mutual 
Hold me tight                                                                                                 
Stroke lovingly thy hand 
Through the soft part of my skin
Tapping thy feet steadily
To the rhythm of my heart

Groove me under the disco light
And let’s spend night 
Under the moon light
Dancing the hours of darkness out
Let our bodies welcomes each other
Lemme run my hand
Through thy curly hair
Touch thy fragile skin
Interact harmoniously with thy heart
Flow with me
Follow the rhythm
Side by side 
Let’s groove on
With the melody of our heart
Harmonize with the beat 
Move my coeur
Tickle me with thy appealing looks
Let’s join our hands together
Driving each other to the dancing floor
Dance with me, 
Oh! Dance with me my fair lady.