Written by: Morton Stevens


Do you think about me when you drink wine?  
Do you think about me when you dine? 
Do you think about me to forget?   
Perhaps you think of me with regret?

Do you miss the taste of my sweat?  
Do you miss that feel of wet?
Do you miss the smell of my soul?    
Perhaps you miss the thrust of my whole?

You pay homage to the queen you wish to be.
You pay homage to the moment only you see.
You pay homage to a time that might never be.
You pay homage for your need to bleed.

Explain to me why you’re filled with doubt 
Explain to me your ghostly shouts
Explain to me why you cower to lies
Explain to me your resistance to cry

Explain to me your fear to feel
Explain to me your loss of what’s real
Explain to me why you so easily scare
Explain to me your submission to fear

You hide yourself to brave the storm
You hide yourself to soak up the warm
You hide yourself in self defeat
You hide yourself as a means of retreat

Look to truth through a liars’ eye
Look at substance, forget the shy
Look at extreme and follow its path
Look to existence and welcome its bath

Live life, for it’s far too short
To deny its cause is to suffer its unrelenting discourse
Bent are the minds that always know best
For lost is the life when desires’ not met.

Shun the eclipse of a saint’s hallowed theme.
Lust is a moment, just welcome its scream
Envision yourself as the saint of not
And run to the light your journey bought.