Big Old Palooker

Written by: Jack Ellison

My mood is down and utterly despondent
When friend Ron doesn't show up for euchre
Michelle has him running errands again
Really miss that big old palooker

He makes the evening a total blast
With his kibitzing and strange look at things
The evening ends with nary a sad face
Totally ruckus good times he brings 

Kissed me once on the anniversary of my birth
But not on the mouth I must add
He's a real good friend and I like him a lot
Must admit though he's sure got great abs

Hey wait a minute. hang on there my friends
You may have the wrong impression
Both macho males at least that's what I thought
It's just to teach young guys a lesson

Us men should be able to be huggy and kissy
Without rumours making the rounds
The tabloids are hungry to dig up some dirt
In our case it's totally unfound

© Jack Ellison 2012