we are one, we are love

Written by: Jesse Kaler

Here we are one and the same
"dreaming of sin"
"longing for love"
love, a devil's sin
love the dream  of an angel
shading out the earthly scars
floating down
and flying up
we come together
to find...
a devil's sin
and an
angels kin
the love arises
through eternal flame
and internal heart
"we love"
one and the same
"we hold" 
together we cry
rising through 
the painful smoke
or falling through
the teary clouds
both together
we sin
an angels love...
to a devil boy
a devils love 
to an angel girl
falling from heaven
or rising through hell
we fall to earth only to find
love is all that remains 
all the rules
all the ties
from the sins of heaven
to the purity of hell
burning passion
freezing love
we are one 
we are love.