Un-Sponsored by Establishment

Written by: Sharon Morken

Un-sponsored by Establishment

I'm broke,broke, broke
They make it look like one big joke
Feels like sit and go traffic
Where's the job lane, 
I need a paycheck

I may not have a factory certified Hummer
Or the Escalade with the fat wheels and the 
“Honor Roll Student On Board” bumper sticker
But I got skills and I could use some dinner

Delivering food isn't rocket science
Ask me one more time 
What I'd bring to establishment
Give me this SPECTACULAR cashier job, 
May take a few twenties once the alarm is disabled. 

One thing you wont learn from a paper
You'd better treat people nice
Karma will bite, 
Need some clothes?
Here's the Penny Saver

Most women are caddy 
Compared to men we get paid less
Lie all you want, 
We're not smarter than men,
Obviously not thinking with our minds,
Still thinking with our chests. 

If you've got a job,
That's awesome, good for you
But don't tell me I'm not trying, 
I don't wanna see that look or hear the attitude

I understand the need to cover bills
But it doesn't make sense to spend fifty hours a week
For someone who sees you work hard, doesn't offer a raise,
Then laughs with a huge thrill

I'd rather be broke broke broke
Maybe I've got too much pride
But It's no joke.