Dawns Hello

Written by: Cat Way

 The dawns light reaches every shadow, illuminating every tree surrounding me. Making these woods have a sweet glow, little red flowers sparkle with morning dew. The sun shining down through the branches letting me see the twigs scattered naturally on the soft earth and grey mushrooms growing in bundles at the bases of the gracious trees.  The feel of the cool morning air seeps through my clothes like I’m being submerged in the big, salty ocean. It’s a refreshing moment, as if the new day is washing me clean of yesterday. With every small step you can feel the earth move below your feet, surrendering to your weight. The world holding you up, but yet the fear of slipping creeps into your head, falling in the soggy, rich dirt. The fog from last night can still be found hovering by the dark ground, seeing it wave over my shoes and consume the plants and shoo when I reach down to stroke it. The simple sounds of the forest calm these nerves and give a feeling of security and comfort every inch of you. The little tweets from baby birds and faded buzzing from the insects come to your ears oh so softly. Car grunts from the streets a few blocks from the sacred woods kill the calming silence, making the small creatures twinge and hide for safety. My stomach growls pulling my attention off this serene environment and to my personal needs. The taste of spear mint tooth paste still lingers in my mouth as well as the souring citrus from the morning cup of orange juice. These walks clear my head and prepare me for the day, I can take on anything.